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My husband left to go video the baby for me and I was whisked off to recovery. The baby was having dips in his heart rate. Although, like many large women, the train film hot seen dating I had gained almost no weight up to this point in my pregnancy. It was hard to breathe for a few minutes until they unstuck his legs and delivered him feet first.

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His situation was totally unrelated to his brother's. So, we decided to wait and see. She's with my sister and brother-in-law, bonding with everyone but me. At least she was okay for the moment. The baby had several heartbeat decelerations after contractions and she was concerned.

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More anti-puking meds were given each time as I kept feeling like throwing up. Gushing, gushing fluid and way more pain.

Midwife discovers that my bag of waters had not completely ruptured and may have been delaying the baby's drop into the pelvis. No luck with an external version with no fluid! However, her ketones had probably become so out of whack previously in the pregnancy that such drastic measures were needed to stop them.

Everything came back negative no cancer and no baby. There is no way to know this for sure. This is one possible risk of both spinals and epidurals. But because of that problem, his head was simply unable to pass through the birth canal.

There was a ton of scar tissue, of course. So, my sister finally brought her in and I got to see my baby. My emotions went through typical upheaval after her birth, but I think that was probably due to lack of sleep as much as due to hormonal fluctuations.

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All the tests kept coming back negative, so I was sent for a cat scan. The cat scan showed that there was a lap sponge and surgical tape with something that looked like metal strings. So, I then had open abdominal surgery. It was searing, burning pain.

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Everyone was still thinking it was no big deal, so a laparoscopy was performed. To me, it was a breeze, and I wouldn't mind having to have them every time provided I can get a good epidural! He sent me to get panels of tests for cancer and another ultrasound.

So I was on bed rest, and bed pans yich until Monday evening when both steroid injections were on board, and I was taken off the Mag Sulfate. We then left for the hospital. Nothing seemed to help with the pain though. Contractions had reduced to what they considered safe and she got me sent home.

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She was suctioned well and the meconium had minimal effects on her. If I'd work on exercising more, then I'd heal faster. So I was put on bed rest, brethine asthma medication to stop contractions!

They did an ultrasound and again, couldn't get a good heart beat, but said everything looked normal and that there wasn't any bleeding. Two is plenty and we have a boy and a girl and they keep us pretty busy. So, they looked around and found a large cyst forming on one of my ovaries.

Rascal was lodged in my cervix, so they took careful time to dislodge him and his head was pushing up into my diaphragm as they did so. Fortunately, I had a great nurse who sheltered me from all the interventionists I had told her about my experience so far and she helped tremendously. Had me lay down for two hours and then re-checked. Peter says his new boss is meaner than a shifty salesman, and after that setup, Brian drinks, Peter smokes, Lois applies makeup, and Stewie, Chris and Meg text.

He is voiced by Executive Producer and writer Danny Smith. However, Stacy ended up with the highest caloric totals I've ever seen for a gd mom calories! She recommended pitocin to get things going. The doctor checked me on a fluke don't want to check someone with ruptured waters often and I was at cm fully effaced with Rascal's feet descending down through the cervix.

As soon as we arrived there, his heart rate took a drastic plunge and he was born by emergency C-Sec. All of the constant interventions had caused some distress, but she was okay. Nursing never worked out well.

He felt it and told me I probably had cancer. Midwife tells me there have been a few drops in the baby's heartbeat and asks to insert an internal monitor for more accurate readings.