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Villain Crawl No Melody - sneaky mischievious pizzicato. The Truth Mammootty Theme Music. But the best thing about it is that it gave the iconic Dracula a worthy musical theme that he was sorely lacking. In the Spiteful Villain - sneaky mischievious pizzicato.

Malarvadi Arts Club Theme Music. King Mammootty Theme Music. This is a wonderfully creepy piece of music, and grandiose in all the right ways. Instead of creating a dark and sinister theme for the Joker, Danny Elfman wrote this colorful and exuberant piece that is perfectly evocative of this particular villain.

In the Disobedient Villain - sneaky mischievious pizzicato. In the right context, this song is perfectly dramatic with strong rock chords, intense strings, and a pounding bass beat. Hitler Mammootty Theme Music. Read our license agreement here.

Neelathamara Bgm Theme Music. Magneto is one of the more fascinating villains to have ever come out of the world of comic books. They are the more impactful characters, so each melody devoted to them must be grander as well. Download the latest version here. And yet, Streitenfeld felt that a grandiose villain theme was needed here.

In the Disobedient Villain No Melody - sneaky mischievious pizzicato. This is probably the first piece of music that comes to mind when someone thinks of a typical villain theme. Naturally people remember the main theme the most, but Zimmer also wrote some memorable scores for the villains in the series. The great thing about music, especially those from the movies, is that anyone can find something that suits their tastes, and it can come from the unlikeliest of places. Mixing a lot of different types of styles together, from classical to heavy metal, windows 7 theme creator software his music is a perfect accompaniment for this unconventional series.

Narasimham Dialog ThemeMusic. These are all purely orchestral themes, and not villain songs. This overwhelming threat in the film series is perfectly characterized by this music.

Villain Sneak - sneaky mischievious pizzicato. Manichithrathayu Song Mamadanisa. Catch The Villain Chase Scene.

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Manthrikam Villain Theme Music. Chillin Like A Villain Underscore. Rakchasa Rajavu Investigation Theme. Choose from thousands more tracks with. So, there you have it, my choices for the best villain themes of all time.

Sagar Vs Nagavally Comedy Mix. It only makes sense that a composer of biblical epics would find just the right sound for such a vengeful, destructive force in this classic comedy. Puthiya Mukham Action Theme.

This is far and away the most memorable villain theme from the series and one of my absolute favorites as well. Sometimes, even minor villains might have a great theme or a great villain can have a forgettable theme. This will hopefully be a nice selection of tunes to give your Halloween a suitable playlist.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Some of these are no brainers like the Imperial March and the Isengard theme, as well as the classic Jaws and Wicked Witch themes. And with the presence of Darth Vader onscreen, it becomes a theme of rigid superiority and overwhelming might.

And if both end up being great at the same time, all the better. Not only does it convey the industrial theme perfectly, but it also sounds menacing at the same time.

There are never any licensing fees. Olympian Anthony Adom Theme Music.

In the Spiteful Villain No Melody - sneaky mischievious pizzicato. Here we have a relatively new villain theme, but one that is nevertheless memorable. But, as the famed director soon learned, the theme based on those two notes would not only be perfect for the movie, but also a life saver as well. At some point in any movie, the villain has to take revenge. SagraAliasJacky- Irupatham Noottandu.

In the early days of cinema, especially during the silent era, villain themes would often use popular classical music that tended to have a macbre edge to them. But, if I had to pick the best villain theme out of the bunch, it would be the one that belongs to the white wizard, Saruman. And with that, have a Happy and Scary Halloween. Of all the villain themes on this list, this is the most unconventional.

Villain Creep No Melody - sneaky mischievious pizzicato. Manichithrathayu Paaraayo Slow. All the other music in the movie fits this motif, except this very modern sounding piece, and I think that it was intentional.

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KilukkamPetti Jayaram FilmMusic. This is one of the most legendary villain themes to come out of Hollywood. The main antagonist, Davy Jones gets his own melancholy villain theme that is powerfully centered around the pipe organ instrument.

Villain Sneak No Melody - sneaky mischievious pizzicato. But, not all memorable themes are written just for them. Here we have an example of a great musical theme written for a very bland and forgettable villain. Download Anything You Want. The only music suitable for a clown is the kind that is terrifyingly silly, and this Joker theme is just that.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Villain Creep - sneaky mischievious pizzicato. When first seen in action the movie, the Kraken rips apart a full sized galleon ship and the music effectively reflects that epic scale savagery. First off we start with an effectively spooky theme heard in one of the greatest comedies ever made.

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