Stanley plane dating guide, how to identify stanley hand plane age and type (type study tool)

Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Types and

The body on this plane is much better than I normally see and is quite crisp. The box is intact but is not nearly as nice as the plane. The date on these earliest planes is very tiny and is not noticeable with a casual glance. There are still a few skilled craftsmen that realize the value of a sharp blade in a good plane. The front knob and adjuster wheel are both steel.

The end of the box has a label with the date Feb. The stock has some extemely minor oxidation and most of the nickel is gone. The metal is in nice condition.

Plane Dating Flowchart

Do you see a raised ring surrounding the knob receiver screw hole

The earliest planes have a pronounced bead turned at the bottom of the rosewood knob. The largest picture on the page was the eBay high. Retains most of the original finish. May or may not be suitable for restoration and mostly useable for parts. The handle and head show tool box rash.

It is in the original box, which is in decent condition. The only thing that I could find were a few very small marks in the finish on the rosewood. Miller, undoubtably, had to be familiar with the wooden match planes that have both the tongue and groove functions built into them, and from these he likely modeled this metallic prototype. However, good opening line for the cutters can be used in later types and adjusted manually.

The Superior Works - Patrick s Blood & Gore Preface

Stanley plane dating guide How to determine the age of a stanley plane

Block Plane Dating
Dating Stanley

Several books indicate the corrugated are less common and more valuable. This information is not so much offered to indicate the rarity or collectability of each tool, even though some mention of that is made. Someday I might swap the high knobs for the Bed Rocks.

Second Chance Antique Tools. For earlier, non-slitter type planes. Left rear side, minor chip visible in pic.

Do your part to change this by adopting one that happens along your way. The plane, when put in full production, was japanned, with brass lever cap screws for the cutters. The frog is a custom shape - you can't take a regular Bailey frog and make it fit this one, if your frog is screwed up.

What was their relationship with Rev o noc, and how long did it seem to last? When the fence is swung end for end, and locked into its other position, only one cutter is exposed, which then cuts the groove. Its value is entirely up to you.

The trammels are untouched with a pleasing patina. The plane seemed always to be in a state of change, as Stanley was adding this or changing that on the tool over its lifetime of production. You can visit them sequentially, or jump right to the part in interest simply by finding the number on the tool in question and referencing it against the hyperlinked categories listed below.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

Remnants of the Stanley decal can sometimes be found applied to the japanned area of the handle. Stanley soon corrected this oversite by adding a provision for the depth stop on the sliding section ca. Both of these books cross-reference the original tool catalogues and literature produced by Stanley as the source for their information. Most of the planes that were replaced by their modern electric counterparts were set aside and eventually forgotten until someone comes along and decides to clean the place up. The original cutters of these planes do not have a circular notch cut on their right side up toward the top.

You also get an alternative pricing guide and lots of pictures to help identify planes when all you have to work from is a bad eBay picture. This wrap around depth stop is probably the hardest part to find for this tool. One of them has light pitting on the point making the markings hard to read. The rosewood is in great condition with oiginal finish.

Stanley Plane Features Timeline MegaChart

While there are still some gaps and inconsistencies across models some of which appear within the published type studies of the nos. The body is ever so slightly yellowed, about evenly on both sides. The keepers are carefully make replacments. The box lists a slew of uses, but opening boxes is actually not on the list. On these planes there is generally evidence of a quick fix, where the screw that holds the fence to the main casting is munged from over-tightening.

Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Types 1-8 and 15-20

The box is not great, but it isn't a total wreck either. Still a lovely as found example. These holes allow the board to be attached to a piece of wood for mounting it in a fixture or on the bench.

  • If you are a serious collector, you can always swat the iron.
  • It also can be tough to grip with your right hand, if you have hands that are the size of Sasquatch's.
  • That is probably when it was recieved and is a believable date for when it would have been made.
  • It's inevitable that once something becomes collectable or valuable, it also gives rise to fakes, copies, and repairs.
  • The surface of the board is ground flat and left unfinished, but the depressions cast into the board are japanned.
Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Types and

The Superior Works - Patrick s Blood & Gore Planes 46 - 54

Block Plane Dating

The plate is locked in place with a nickel plated wing nut. Check the looping portion of the casting about the handle, the casting on the fence where the arms arch upward, and the skates of the main stock and sliding section. May be from the war years. Minor scratches, dents, pictures of william but no chips or cracks. It has a full original patent date iron and the bed has just the two patents.

You should also unscrew the arms to make sure that they aren't bent. When the fence is locked in one position, both cutters are exposed, and, thus, cut the tongue. For sliding section, depth stops, hollow and round sections. Test that your guard plate's inner face is flush with the inner face of the sliding section, when the guard plate is attached.

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  2. There is a split in the hande at the front of the base, that is tight and is not an issue.
  3. There is a turned rosewood knob on the front of the plane, and a cast closed tote, both of which allow the plane to be worked easily.
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Antique Stanley Tools at The Best Things

The front knob and adjustment wheel are all steel. It seems that there must have been some yuppy woodworker types even back then or Stanley wouldn't have mentioned the plane's amateur use in its propaganda. Earlier block planes had the tensioning lever on the bottom of the rear of the cap, whereas later planes had the lever on the top center. Any help would be appreciated and let me know if you want pics.

The early models of the plane, those that are japanned, have the characteristic bead turned at the base of the knob. Rather than try to create a formal type study, I decided to focus more on the practical goal of simply establishing criteria for dating the planes within the narrowest possible time frame. This page is the best resource I know for dating them. Remember, this originally was a guide for those guys who intended to use what they purchased. There are several pricing guides available and the more you have the better.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

It also does a fine job of cutting cross grain rabbets, a common function when making lipped drawer fronts. Check that this pin is there and that it works properly there is a coil spring on the pin to keep it in place. These two afflictions led me to that place where I could converse with similar sufferers - rec.

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