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Obama and Republican Mitt Romney will be felt in this country. Romney would expand the military, he's less firmly committed to withdrawing troops in Afghanistan, free overweight dating and he's accused Mr. Romney's election would boost business confidence in the U. Romney would be an easier sell. Romney in guaranteeing approval.

Harper's government and Alberta's oil patch, that's a friendlier reception. Harper to emphasize energy exports to Asia. Washington dragged its feet on letting Canada into Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks, he said, and rejected Keystone. Jacobson insists that relations have worked well, pointing to things like the Beyond the Border initiative aimed at speeding border trade and traffic. But some, including Derek Burney, another former ambassador to the U.

Follow Campbell Clark on Twitter camrclark. Bush's approach to the world was disliked by many here. But others, including the British magazine The Economist, argue that his proposals to increase military spending and cut taxes would dig the U.

However, he admits nitty-gritty bilateral issues don't turn on which party wins the White House. It's less clear what impact the election will have on other bilateral issues. From energy exports to cross-border trade, global security and broader economic concerns, the effects of America's choice between Mr.

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The Globe and Mail

Obama's envoy to Canada, suggests the campaign rhetoric on Keystone has been overblown, even if Mr. Obama of being weak in opposing Iran's nuclear program. But the differences have mostly been on tone, not substance. Canadians have told pollsters they'd pick Mr. In the nearly four years since, that plan has faded, as Mr.

Obama's climate agenda stalled. Obama's pledges on climate change by proposing a continental cap-and-trade system.

Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement Mr. In many ways, current Canada-U.

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