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Like Rubiao, some of us naturally turn insane. Like Carlos Maria, some of us choose to remain sane all our lives. Who am I to judge and decide? In no time, his social circle increases in circumference. Like Sophia, some of us choose insanity over sanity.

His prose is filled with irony, satire, wit and wisdom. This does not mean that he lacks originality but quite the contrary.

Their presence is felt throughout.

If I am sane, and I discover that I am losing my sanity, should I run for a cure or should I become a spectator and witness my insanity engulfing everything that is left sane within? When you read his novel, you would discover a web being created around you. His image became stronger and clear as he wagged his tail and demanded affection. It is very unfortunate that his creative talent is almost unrecognized outside Brazil. The conclusion of this story leaves the reader with some unanswered questions.

It amuses the heart and at the same time demands the mind to ponder. With wealth, come friends. At times, I found myself laughing out loud and at times, my eyes were moist with tears. At times, he reminded me of Hamsun and at times, of Proust. Most of these are shades of grey, audit termine latino dating instead of being just black or white.

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Quincas Borba by Machado de Assis

Who knows, you might end up discovering a new favorite author for yourself. His mastery lies in the simplicity of his prose which evokes complexity. But that is another story.

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As you might have already guessed, this book deals with sanity, insanity and everything in between. He gets introduced to Palha and his wife, Dona Sophia.

Like mentioned before, there is a lot of merging and faint lines the reader has to deal with. If you were sane before, how would you know that you have started to become insane?

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You would then discover, dear reader, that an unfamiliar part of you has been left behind in the web. But love, as love, is supposed to be love, Rubiao declares his love to Sophia who later falls in love with Carlos Maria. At first, he consoles himself that it would be highly immoral to expect anything minutely similar to his feelings in return.

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Machado de Assis creates this web without your consciousness and permission. Or does that person really need help? How do you differentiate sanity and insanity? Whose life and fate is better than the rest?

Find a copy in the library

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