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How long will the pool take to fill? What is the vector of the subsequent translation? Questions a In the diagram opposite, find the value of in terms of a and b.

To what equation are these the solutions? Answers a Intersection x-values are approx. Convert both numbers into the same denomination, i. Calculate the sizes and then sample randomly within each stratum.

Vectors are most easily seen as journeys for a particular distance in a particular direction. To find the mirror line of a given reflection, join a point to its image and mark the mid-point. Get this by substituting the coordinates of a point on the line, i. Popular in Repeating Decimal.

Probability top One definition of the probability of an event is the limit to which the relative frequency no. Find the area of the sector. That would cast doubt on the fairness of the coin. Sets are groups of elements. Repeat with another pair, then where the two perpendicular bisectors meet is the centre of rotation.

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Radiation varies inversely as the square of the distance away from the source. What is the area of the rectangle? Enlargement wont make any difference to the angles. Pick one ball at random, keep it out, then pick another ball.

How much is contained in my account i next year ii in ten years time iii last year? What are the possible value of ab? So for example, pressing a calculator button performs a function.

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If you are going to make a mistake, this is where. Multiply out, and solve the quadratic in x. This may be given in a question, or you may have to find the natural domain, that is the set of all possible input values. Rational and irrational numbers A rational number is one which can be expressed as top a where a and b are b integers.

1. Decimals and standard form (a) multiplying and dividing

The diagram shows that we have a minimum. Make a sketch of the pentagon, marking in the angles. How much extra coke was there? What equation is being solved approximately by these two numbers?

How many play both football and water polo? You write bars underneath okay? What percentage of the whole companys profits does this part produce? What equation do the intersections solve?

Vectors top Vectors are most easily seen as journeys for a particular distance in a particular direction. Note each would have to be rotated about X to transform onto the other.

To get from A to B via given vectors, the route chosen doesnt matter - the expressions will all simplify down to the same answer. This is the set of output values. They all meet at the centre of enlargement. Find the values of V and T. Pick a point, measure its distance from the invariant x-axis, then double it.

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Ratio and Proportion top a Using ratios This is really a special case of proportion. That is, all who play football also play water polo. Climfel Mariz Tirol Datoon.

Note also that there are none in the left hand compartment, mobile hotspots i. Questions a Draw a table of results for the rolling of two dice. Sets top Sets are groups of elements. An irrational number is one which cant.

If the data is integer valued, the class boundaries will be between integers. Repeat this with another pair of points, and join the two mid-points to form the mirror line. Kimberlie Dela Merced Tomas.

What is the probability of one of each colour? What is the volume of the block?

What is the speed of the runner? To find the centre of a rotation already performed, perpendicularly bisect a line joining any point with its image. Rearrange it to make F the subject. How far and at what bearing is it from its original point?

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Composing functions If the output from one function f is used as the input fro another function g, giving the composite function g f x said as g of f of x. This smooths out short term fluctuations so that a long term trend may be seen. How much oil is contained in the cylinder? Questions a What single transformation will carry triangle A onto i B ii C?

One definition of the probability of an event is the limit to which the relative frequency no. The two nodes corresponding to one of each colour are marked. Then the quartiles are the medians of the two remaining sets.

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This means that each can be expressed in terms of the others, so one is superfluous. Where are there other angles in our window with the same sine? Transformations a i translation by vector shifts a to the right and b up. What is the ratio of surface areas of the two blocks? This is the set of input values.