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The game has many improvements over previous versions. Play Now Download the full version.

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So, if you want an Iverson-esque jerk, so be it in when the new Live hits in October. But while it's still a fun game, several annoying gameplay flaws keep it from truly advancing the considerable lineage of the Live series. The Live series is known for its tight, psp games fifa 13 responsive controls.

Players can post up and perform such moves as jump hooks, fadeaways, turnaround jumpers, and up-and-under moves. Kevin Garnett was featured as its cover player. Lakers versus Celtics Bulls vs.

If you need help uploading files, be sure to check out this video tutorial. Players can also roll either left or right from a post-up situation to perform moves going to the basket.

One addition that would have helped is a one-on-one tournament with full stats tracking, but unfortunately there is no such option in the game. Despite the lack of a franchise mode, the meat of the gameplay is in playing a full season. While full details of such a patch and its subsequent fate were never released, it seems preliminary plans to release a fix fell apart leaving the community in an uproar.

Items include t-shirts, phone cases, wall art, mugs, sticks, pillows, and more. Like the rest of the game, the one-on-one mode is visually appealing, but, as with its PlayStation counterpart, playing single one-on-one games can get repetitive after a while. What are your thoughts on the current direction of online play, and gameplay in general? If you're familiar with the PlayStation control scheme, you know that along with the basic controls, players can switch on the ball, call for a pick, stutter-step, and call up icon passing. The biggest of these are some new post moves to give you more options down low.

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Some of the more annoying things from the last few years are still in place. Exhibition will allow you to jump into quick game.

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Other than that, the game looks pretty impressive. By adding the transfer window option, draft games are becoming more realistic and you can feel like a real team mate. These challenge mode points can be used to unlock bonus teams and other special features in the game. As you can imagine, the ability to back down defenders at will can slow down the pace of the game. Why, oh why, does a player like Shaq, when he's standing right underneath the basket with no one around decide to throw up a jump shot instead of dunking, or at least laying up, the ball.

Just run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen. And last but not least is the one on one option, which allows you to go pit any two players against each other to see how they fare. Take over the team and win the championship league. Sound in the game is once again superlative.

And if you do miss that shot, don't expect your computer controlled teammates to help you out at all by rebounding. You have to play several dozen matches in the base phase and get a place that will give you the play-off phase. The same thing applies for loose balls on the ground. The one-on-one mode remains intact and is actually a pretty enjoyable, and competitive, experience.

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Your email address will not be published. This article is about the video game series. It's frustrating to do a spin move and watch helplessly as your guy saunters out of bounds. Music is an integral part of video games, no matter the genre. This article needs additional citations for verification.

But those of you that already own the version of this game will really only be paying for new rosters, some tiny cosmetic upgrades, and couple of new features. Remember to play well in the defensive but you will not win the game without a goal. These teams could be used instantly, but to use the players as regular players e. It might not be such a big deal if jump shots didn't require timing. Browse games Game Portals.

You can actually hear the players talk smack in the one on one games as well, which is nice. This is a game where you can face opponents from all over the world.

Playing the game itself will also be pretty close to the same experience. Passing and shooting stays pretty much as smooth as always. In several instances, the player simply would not respond to button commands. You'll find all of the game types that you saw last year.

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Does anyone actually go into the replay mode to see Shaq's goony mug smile after he dunks? This lack of response is not a common occurrence, but it does detract from the overall gameplay experience. If you encounter any issues, try checking for the update manually or restarting your console. Our discussion also includes modding etiquette, and ways that we can improve as a community.

That isn't to say that is necessarily a bad thing. Hmm, decisions, decisions. It has never been so easy. The voice work is done really nicely and you get the feeling that you're right there in the action. You can not be defeated by opponents.

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