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If you already have a web server running, then you may not need all these other components. This means references to directories in config.

It doesn't put things in the registry. Yep something is wrong with the package, I will fix it and post here when I have it uploaded. At least that is my understanding of the creation of the packages. This is typical of home internet connectsion which are typically very fast at downloading and very slow and uploading.

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Thank you very much for all the work that must have gone into this. Well I have something completed here, I downloaded the package that Jan created and took a looksee at that. The next screen is the Front Page settings page.

Moodle packages for WindowsComplete install packages for Windows - MoodleDocs

Complete install packages for Windows

Already the choice of xampp for moodle is discussed here and a method for installing moodle to the local hard disk is suggested. These are minor things easily modifiable. You are using mysql database and if you are only running it on your local network then you need localhost for the Host Server. At any rate if you ever decide to play around with it and need some help, just let us know. The documentation does not speak of security and maybe we need to address this and start some security documentation.

When you setup moodle it asked you for an administrator username and password the same page asked for your about your citiy ect. This may be lazy but I feel like I am going around in circles, reading conficting advice. Download the latest stable release of moodle. Yet if you have no desire to do that then everything we have said is moot to you.

Two issues come up while trying to create a distribution package for windows. General developer forum Moodle Application for Windows Settings. Right now I am tring to make it smaller without breaking it or taking away the functions of Xampp to much. Has anybody installed successfully the version that I downloaded?

No such file or directory apache. Can you trigger another file to install from the installationmenu of Easyphp or another package? Often the fact that it is Japanese causes problems. Please uninstall moodle and redownload it from my site and install.

But it would be nice, since I expect it would be a lot faster. So I did give it a password. The complete install package can be used on a server, but it is not recommended that it be used as a production site. So you need to find the directory where moodle's php files are loaded and make sure that that that is not the same folder as where moodledata is stored. So the answer is no In fact none of the packages I have made will mess with the registry.

Moodle packages for Windows

Please start a new discussion topic. Any tips or suggestions are highly appreciated. After that for your test make sure you have a decent admin password set.

You may find that your upstream connection to the internet at home is really poor. All you need to do is start - run - cmd.

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Now if you want to run mysqldump. He did well and got it up and running with only a few questions about the config page.

Great I have something to work with now, easyphp was a bit well overkill for what we are trying to do here. At least I'm not aware of it. This discussion has been locked because a year has elapsed since the last post.

The appserver is having certain additional add on facilities. My distribution is a bit bigger then Jan's.

Just simply click on Apache and it will start up the web server for you. Do I understand this correctly? And Jan, my apologies - I only just now noticed this post from you! Please check your database settings.

The second part on the bottom instructs Moodle if you will disable the new user self authentication through email process. So here it is, Xampp and moodle all packaged together. Jan, Nice work, christian old songs only one bug there is no moodle database. My guess is that the popularity of Moodle for Windows will grow and grow.

Before I start the server I put my shields up. Hey, I Have the same problem. Unpack the new download and over right the old moodle files.

Moodle packages for Windows

Unpack extract files by clicking on the zip file you downloaded to a drive or partition of your choice. This is a general security recommendation. Attached is a zip file contraining script files for an online assisted install.