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Do you like this Tamil song with nonsense lyrics? Is it you was or you were? From Wikipedia, ebook reader for cell phones the free encyclopedia.

Do u like the song why this kolaveri di? Redirected from Why this Kolaveri Di. Why did Kolaveri di song become so popular in South India? It is a soup song and may be cos it just says what a soup guy normally think. Anyone remember this song?

The song was officially released after it was known to become popular after an accidental release on to the internet. Ya and Here in Venus, it is popular too. Poll - Burger King vs McDonalds? Whats your favorite board game?

Imitations and parodies of this song have been created, including versions in different Indian languages, a female version, and versions about current events at that time. Kolaveri Di also echoed at Beating, the Retreat ceremony a ceremony which is a part of Republic Day celebrations in India. How would you caption this?

The song creates an imagery of an Indian boy who has gone through love failure. Following its huge success and nationwide popularity Dhanush, the singer of the original track was invited by then Prime Minister Dr. When you push it, do you push it real good?

Answer Questions What is the name of this song? Yahoo Philippines Answers. Why this murderous rage, Girl? The vocals utilize the singing style of Tamil folk culture. In my opinion i think is language is so diffrent that reason this song popular all over the earth.

Why This Kolaveri Di English R B Remix Mp3

The song is in broken English, as a Tamil person might if his knowledge of English was limited. The lyrics of which song make you think deep? Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Javed Akhtar i will understand, He has neglected out on pocketing the moolah if he had written it. While singing, Dhanush creates a tone of being drunk, when he repeatedly asks why she hurt him. It became one of the most streamed songs of all-time.

Why This Kolaveri Di Leaked version feat. So, no wonder a bad song has become a hit!

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All male voices were done by Vajpayee himself and effect of only female voice of Sonia Gandhi was by his wife Ruchi. What's your favorite not-as-popular song by your favorite band? What made you laugh today? The song was recorded at A.

What's the best song ever? How are you productive on the days you don't work? It basically means, Why this murderous rage, man? The video featured Dhanush and Sunder Ramu along with other extras singing the song, while Shruti Haasan makes an appearance towards the end of the video.

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Words like I, you, me, how, why, cow. That song showed how Indians speak English words like moon coloroo whitoo whitoo nite coloroo daarku daarkoo babbaaa bbabaa.

Why do old White women have a starring problem, and assume too much? Problems playing this file? As for the others who hate the song, i will basically positioned it as much as them that we don't could desire to choose the song isolatedly by way of the lyrics or the track or the instruments.

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