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In the end, I found this book was about expectations. The first half of the book I remained emotionally unconnected to the characters, felt it was more tell than show. So it was wise on my part to read this book on a journey, given that I was obliged to remain in my seat and do nothing other than read.

The plot itself is fairly thin and revolves around the main protagonist Gogol Ganguli, his parents who move to America from India and his various doomed love interests. Where - if at all - do they feel at home?

What s in a nameThe Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri (ebook)

But this is also wasted and in the end you are left with a lot of impatience welling up inside you. It is almost in these words the comparisons are made. But she did exactly that, I hear you shout, she went to live in Italy for two years and forced herself to read and write only in Italian! It seems as if quite a few books strive for empty but decorative prose, sometimes neglecting meaning and transition and nuance. Would like to read a good work which represents them.

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You see, The Namesake flows so well that it almost easy to overlook the weak plot development and the unfortunate wasting of so much potential that this story could have had. This ebook edition includes a Reading Group Guide. This eBook is not available in your country.

Characters that broke my heart over and over with their joy and their sorrow that I wish I could follow forevermore? While Ashoke has the distraction of a professional career, Ashima feels lost and adrift without family, friends, and the comfort of familiar surroundings. When their son is born, the task of naming him becomes great in this new world. The different love scenes were captivating. Jhumpa Lahiri has a gift for penetrating the psyche of each of her characters.

The Namesake

Ashoke is a trained engineer, who quickly adapts to his new lifestyle. Things that should never have happened, that seemed out of place and wrong, these were what prevailed, what endured, in the end.

Not Available Not Available. The immigrant experience in the United States. Gogol, after the Russian writer, whose volume of short stories saved his life during a fatal train derailment in India. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Hipster, and I mean that with a vengeance.

The Namesake Ebook

It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I prefer Roopa Farooki's stories about second or third generation Asian families. Despite this, this is a beautiful book which tells a very important story and is well worth reading. This changed after a family tragedy which afforded an opportunity for the characters to change as well. In fact, so compassionate and It would only be fair to mention here that I saw Mira Nair's adaptation of the book before I actually got down to reading this novel recently. Where - if Nice book on struggling with intercultural identities.

No one really cares that Gogol's name is so unique, except Gogol whose anxiety over his name is bothersome enough that no external taunts are necessary. Every detail, every observation, every sentence rings with the clarity of truth. But alongside that awareness, I wanted Lahiri to impose some writing constraints on herself. Nikolai Gogol is a great writer.

By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Interpreter of Maladies. Apparently I love quick gratifications, and this book did not deliver those. This is after all the story of an Indian growing up American and the cultural adaptations and clashes that color his life. Specifically, I read to experience a viewpoint that I would never have encountered otherwise. Providence Journal A fine novel from a superb writer.

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri (ebook)

There's another piece of terminology that writing classes love to throw around in addition to that previous standard, and that's voice. This is dropped in as an incidental, but those few casual words say everything there is to say about the contrast between Maxine's home life and Gogol's. Almost two decades later, Gogol is finding his strange name - neither Bengali nor American - a burden, an embarrassment and a bore. It was very well written rambling of course but my mind did occasionally wander away from the book. There were several problems.

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri ebook. Also, it helps that this is an extremely easy read and I for one, found myself going through it at a ravenous pace. And then, having mixed it all nicely, make your reader care so fiercely and ardently that they laugh, weep, hold their breath and can barely bring themselves to put the novel down. Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist.

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The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. The Namesake is Jhumpa Lahiri's first novel. This is my first read from Jhumpa, and I will be picking up more of her books in the future. Lahiri brings great empathy to Gogol as he stumbles along the first-generation path, strewn with conflicting loyalties, comic detours, film bollywood mohabbatein and wrenching love affairs.

The Namesake Ebook

Time A debut novel that triumphs in its breadth and mastery. It has the most complete study system for pastors, teachers, or students who desire accurate study in God's Word. The book starts off with the Ganguli parents living their traditional life in Calcutta and then their large move to become Americans. They barely speak Bengali and only once in awhile crave Indian food. Born just fifteen months apart, Subhash and Udayan Mitra are inseparable brothers, one often mistaken for the other in the Calcutta neighborhood where they grow up.

You see, Lahiri takes a subtle approach without the need to hit the reader over the head with her message. Lahiri writes beautifully and the book is a pleasure to read. When their son is born, the task of naming him betrays the vexed results of bringing old ways to the new world. Star Ledger The novel not only proves the author's ease with the longer form but clearly demonstrates her artistic sensibility. Good writing is good writing regardless of whether we could relate to the story or not.