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Interstate commerce legal definition of interstate commerce

The practice was decried as one that discriminated against smaller businesses. It was expanded to deal with trucks, ships, freight forwarders, and other interstate carriers. The traditional concept that the free flow of commerce between states should not be impeded has been used to effect a wide range of regulations, both federal and state. Its enforcement powers to set rates were also extended, as were its investigative powers to determine what fair rates were.

This information would be used to set freight shipping rates. Responding to a widespread public outcry, states passed numerous pieces of legislation. In recent years, however, these laws have been challenged, and the challenges have been upheld, showing the laws to be actually restrictive of interstate commerce rather than protective. In the decision on Wabash, St.

Other specific historical instances of federal government action to regulate interstate commerce can be cited. Under the provisions of the commerce clause, a state may, in certain instances, tax goods in interstate commerce, providing that no congressional legislation prohibits such action Hammerstein v. See Article History Interstate commerce, in U. These laws, which forbade discounters from selling the goods at lower than retail prices, tao of dating excerpted were considered protective of interstate commerce because they restricted cutthroat competition. The several states also have some authority to regulate aspects of interstate commerce.

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