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We have our own online proofing website. FotoFusion has been around for awhile. Online album making has never been so easy and efficient. If any printing lab holds specific color profile then you can add the same profile in Album Xpress and get your project exported in same format for printing.

Medium and Small photo sizes are the options available in the software. Infinite Creation Change Layout Tool. Professional Flush Mount Photo Albums. Your photos are elegantly arranged in the order they were taken or feel free to edit or add photos one-by-one. What is your turnaround time?

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Album Xpress comes loaded with several inbuilt album types predefined according to the standard industry printing and binding specifications. Your options are unlimited. Auto Album Wizard based album is easy with Album Xpress! Be Proud Save money and time without looking like an amateur.

We'll double-check for any alignment and image issues. Nishant Ratnakar If our real passports could be this colourful? What is your e-mail address? Plus, you can create several drop zones in one spread. For news, offers and inspiration.

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It's possible to create clean and modern looking albums but it takes more time to do so. Plan your page as per the convenience.

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Check out our Professional Luxe Wedding Albums! Made Approval easy Once the ceremony ends it will become a difficult task for photographer to get the photos approved so as the album pages.

You have to edit it another software which can be time consuming. Once you select the size and the company you're using for printing, the software automatically generates the necessary templates for the pages. Word Wrap Accomodate all your text within defined margines with ease. Photo Management A dedicated interface will manage all your clicks instantly.

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Sort your photos manually by simple drag and drop option. Join our mailing list for DgFlick news, exclusive discounts and software tips. You basically choose your images you want in a spread then drop them into the interface. You can make albums for special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, graduation, yearbook etc. You can place photos or text anywhere on your page at any size, angle or transparency.

You can write a small paragraph describing what you like, what you don't like, as well as any other preferences - we will then keep that on file as reference. You get warning alerts whenever there are potential resolution issues with your iamges. Photographer can just send photos as well as album pages to the client for selection and approval. Wrap a paragraph of text around an image?

We are here to make life easier for you. You can edit and retouch images directly. Get your album ready with the precise placing of the photos on their respective places.

Made Approval easy

Each and every page in your photo album can be adjusted to complement your photos and personal style. Add captions or page titles and never forget where and when a photo was taken. Once the ceremony ends it will become a difficult task for photographer to get the photos approved so as the album pages. If you don't own it, you would need to spend money to purchase the software, real devil images and you would need to spend time in learning how to use it. The software has some ready to use inbuilt sizes which gets printed universaly as well as by renowned labs.

Those images will be considered to be in the same Drop Zone and the software will arrange those images into a layout. Any preferences that you communicate to us are saved on file as well. We never contact your clients directly. You can use any jpeg, png, gif, tiff, bmp or Photoshop files. This feature can be really helpful and it's like having another pair of eyes on your project.

Expert Auto Album makes the album creation fast with readymade templates. One click and you'll be offered with a bunch of layout options for your images. It smartly occupies all the frames on a page and makes your album page look more attractive and perfect. Album Xpress loaded with Advance photo manager through which you can. Backdrops Featuring the images of Breanne Schaap.

So, for a typical side album, we recommend approx. Choose one of them as per the requirement. The most impressive thing about Pixellu is it's clean interface with drag and drop capabilities. Decor Management As you know you can import templates of older versions to the newer version.

Custom Storage Box Included. You can fix number of photos on all the pages.

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Sometimes, our notification emails may fall into your spam folder. If you have no changes, you can simply forward the preview link directly to your clients. The auto-fill feature automatically creates the album for you making the process simpler. Rename, Resize, rotations are the controls to get the photos in desired sequence in addition instant colorcorretction facility.