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FontAgent 8 for Windows - Insider Software

The company expects the Illustrator plug-ins to be available by mid-February. You may create your own libraries and font sets. Just drag fonts into FontAgent to add them to your font catalog. But if you quit FontAgent Pro, all your fonts remain active as long as you keep your computer on, or until you open FontAgent to deactivate them. Sort fonts by their traits, foundries, sizes, file formats and version numbers.

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Linotype FontExplorer X Pro is a font manager for the Mac and Windows operating systems that is integrated with an online store that allows you browse through fonts you are looking to buy. In addition to manually creating sets, you can also take advantage of the program's Smart Sets feature. The only workaround is to quit everything, delete all the font caches and restart. Safari Fonts takes in prop up for multiple language keyboard shortcuts and string encodings.

FontAgent optimizes and organizes all your fonts and provides cutting-edge features to maintain their integrity, create custom font sets, and activate them when they are needed. Contains its own uninstall script, which is helpful because you're going to uninstall this program after it crashes with Dreamweaver. Otherwise, nice program, very courteous internet support.

FontAgent Pro 4.5.004

Perform complex searches and save their results as Smart Sets that auto-update as you add fonts to your collection. Besides, they behave ok after those warning dialogs have gone. New ways to organize, discover, search, activate and compare your fonts. Pros Strong font-repair and organization features Fast, intuitive interface Control over system fonts. FontAgent Pro for Mac is a complete solution for organizing and managing your fonts to help avoid duplicates and keep them all accessible.

Nested Sets Back by popular demand, FontAgent supports nested sets so you can organize fonts hierarchically by client, project, foundry or style. Suitcase Fusion Suitcase Fusion is robust, fast and smart font manager that has a simple and an insightful user interface. Where there were once two contenders for the title of font-management champion, now there are three. Click to sort, activate, apply star ratings, or group by family or foundry. Otherwise, nice program, very courteous internet support Cons Crashes Dreamweaver Summary Useless to me.

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Plus, you can make the application rename the imported font files to real font names, activate fonts after importing them, as well as check if they are valid. Flaming or offending other users. The font book you produce will include all the fonts you've chosen, displayed in the format you set in Font Player. Pros Contains its own uninstall script, which is helpful because you're going to uninstall this program after it crashes with Dreamweaver. Fonts can be imported by dragging and dropping data directly in the main window.

Accepting and installing any font in very easy and simply but organizing and managing the fonts, later on, is a different task that requires the careful attention on the users part. Adding all of your fonts to this program couldn't be more convenient.

Advanced Font Viewer is a user friendly font organizer and preview font generator that makes the users to view the all fonts installed on their system collectively. If you let FontAgent Pro take control of your system fonts, it then copies them into a new FontAgent Pro fonts folder. Pros Love the Glyph Viewer, love the drag and drop into the doc feature. Try the Tile View to see font thumbnails or to compare all the styles in a font family.

In addition to providing the system for managing and organizing the fonts, FontAgent Pro provide the various free fonts as well that are integrated in its font integrity system. This allows you to use FontAgent Pro to activate, deactivate, delete, or move system fonts wherever or however you wish. Find out which FontAgent edition is right for you. FontFrenzy is a font management system for Windows operating systems. In fact, you can either choose to drag and drop files into the app itself, temple run app or you can import them from anywhere on your computer.

But most casual users don't need to worry about such issues. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. Font Player is actually a versatile preview engine that lets you sample type size, font color, background color, and text.

But recently started having problems when I upgraded to Lion. Suitcase Fusin guarantees you have the accurate version of the font you want and prevents capable font wrecks due to missing or substituted fonts. To use this option, just select the characteristics you'd like all fonts in the set to display, and the program with go through all of your libraries and compile a new set based on those criteria. On other launch occasions, FontAgent will randomly activate nothing, leaving me with only a dozen system fonts available to use.

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The lower right pane contains Font Player, an iTunes look-alike. Only then do they finally show up. Preview fonts in waterfalls, planks, slide shows, paragraphs and compare lists.

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They were slow and had bugs. Call them, they'll likely do the same. Auto-activate notifications are a pain. Making sets involves some non-intuitive steps.

FontAgent 8 for Windows - Insider Software

But Insider Software's new FontAgent Pro is one of those tools that makes managing fonts as appealing as it may ever get. FontExpert FontExpert is a font management solution that makes the users able to deal with both installed and uninstalled fonts of various types and formats.

You can even download free Google Fonts from SkyFonts. The text can be tweaked in terms of size, color, and background color, as well as printed.

Even if I quit the application and open it again. Plus, you are allowed to preview each font by displaying preset or custom text messages. FontAgent Pro is expert in organizing and managing the fonts according to the individual requirements of all of its users. FontAgent will move your original system fonts into a new folder that you can easily retrieve in an emergency. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.