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This video was amazing and awesome- definitely gets the blood flowing to be back in the water chasing after these elusive giants. Awesome Steelheading video with great photography and camera work!

What dedication to landing that fish. Oh, and fabulous footage of a great day of fishing. This new site is the very reason I do most of my shopping for fishing gear at Orvis. Seeing those dudes double up on that Steelhead was great. Intruder shanks, wire and hooks.

Appreciate films about the experience-not just about catching fish. The Story of Joe Humphreys. That was some dedication to bring in that salmon. Hooked into my first Steelhead in October. Awesome video and amazing camera work!

Of course you guys did your thing and replaced the rod. This is a great new site and great place to find new videos to keep me occupied between trips!

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Snowbee Prestige products. Awesome video, plenty of action and the scenery was great!

This has been a life dream! Nice to have so many videos in one place.

Is there anything else that can set a soul free like fly fishing? Watched the Fall Run video and got totally stoked to go steelhead fishing again. Absolutely love these videos-best I have ever seen. Captures everything that is good about fly fishing. Cool video, and great site.

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Fly Fishing Videos

Great site and informative videos! Tried to bring it in but with just two sections left of rod but the line snapped. Patience will get you hooked into the fish, teamwork will help you land it!

Great work, great products. The rod literally exploded. Amazing video and even more stunning catch! Setting the bar very high!

Makes me want to get geared up, and head for the stream! Beautiful scenery, Beautiful shots, Beautiful picture, very inspiring, Great video. Aotearoa Trout Woods and Waters News.

Second the the thought about fishing with a buddy. Beautiful scenery and some great fish.

Fly fishing. Delivered to your inbox

The only thing better in this world than watching fishing in actual fishing. Great example of a man fly fishing and his fight for public lands. Orvis, ies made easy study material for ece you constantly remind me of why I got into fly fishing in the first place! Absolutely amazing video from the scenery to the wildlife and everything in between!

This gets me excited for my first Pacific Northwest winter. Wow, what a wonderful video! Videos like this are what peaked my interest in fly fishing. This was a great representation of what it really means to be on the water chasing these amazing creatures.

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Global FlyFisher

We would like to see your suggestions for videos for this channel. It is true, just being on the water is a wonderful time. As others have pointed out, awesome video and great teamwork! Looks like so much fun on the video.

Makes me want to hit the water right now. What a killer scene that fight was. Reminds me of playing around the gorge behind my house with my older brother back in the day. Awesome video that takes you right out of the work week and puts you on the water! Thank you for the adventure!

That was a beautiful fish! The chase over the cliffs and under the logs was spectacular! The music is so complimentary, and takes me on a journey with the visuals, which are crystal clear. What an awesome video, love the cinematography!

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This makes me excited to go out and land some of my own. Amazed that they kept that fish on and landed it. Nothing like a tight line after some hard fishing. Great video, great platform. Well shot and does well to get me amped for a new trip!

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First thing on the agenda out of college! Heading up north this year to try my luck on some steelhead for the first time. Friday is my favorite day of the week for no other reason that a new edition of the Friday Film Festival. These videos are not good for my work production, but thank you just the same.