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The geometrical patterns of these gardens were highly influenced by the Giardino all'italiana gardening techniques. The principle styles of the Giardino all'italiana emerged from the rediscovery by Renaissance scholars of Roman models.

Generally, monastic garden types consisted of kitchen gardens, infirmary gardens, cemetery orchards, cloister garths and vineyards. In the pond is a bronze statue of a shivering giant, with cold water running down over his head, which represents either the month of January or the Apennine Mountains. The garden was laid out on a gentle slope between the villa and the hill of Monte Morello.

The openness of the garden, with an expansive view of the city, was unconventional for its time. Unlike other Medici family villas that were located on flat farmland, this villa was located on a rocky hillside with a view over Florence.

The garden plan is laid out on a central axis with subsidiary cross-axes of carefully varied character, refreshed by some five hundred jets in fountains, pools and water troughs. As Roman culture developed and became increasingly influenced by foreign civilizations through trade, the use of gardens expanded and gardens ultimately thrived in Ancient Rome.

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At the crossing points of the stairway and the alleys there were pavilions, fruit trees, and aromatic plants. Ligorio created the garden as a series of terraces descending the steep hillside at the edge of the mountains overlooking the plain of Latium. The stairway was crossed by five traversal alleys on the different levels, which were divided into rooms by hedges and trellises covered with vines. There is some Italian influence in the Elizabethan part of the garden at Hardwick Hall.

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The terraces were connected by gates and grand stairways starting from a terrace below the villa and traversing down to the Fountain of Dragons at the foot of the garden. On a lower level, another alley passed by the Fountain of Dragons and joined the fountain of Proserpine with the Fountain of the Owl. To develop his residence, he took over a former Franciscan convent, master feeder fund structure consolidating student loans and for the garden he bought the adjoining steep hillside and the valley below.

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Concealed in the middle of the labyrinth was another fountain, with a statue of Venus. The administrators of the Roman Empire c. The garden is now part of the Grandi Giardini Italiani. He was a scholar of Latin and wrote extensively on education, astronomy and social culture. As you approach the house it seems embosomed in the wood, but when you reach it you find it commands a full prospect of the city.