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The process for answering this question works the exact same way as the question above. That should at least get you started and will likely boost response. The best way to be unique is to be specific. If you had a day off work, what would you do? Finding someone compatible means being upfront about your opinions and your end goal.

Then I get into her head and temporarily assume her personality. It makes it easy for you to catch on. So you have to have some more fun with it! Fill out the last section first. Lots of women are on there to just hook up, even if their bloviations say otherwise.

Because most other people are doing that, too. You probably know your friends pretty well, so try to get into their minds.

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Play around with gamifying your profile and see what you come up with. You had to answer them as part of your new profile creation. Before answering my questions, I picture the perfect woman I would like to be with. Of course, your best option is to tweak these answers to better fit a woman in your target market as described above rather than copying them verbatim, but if you want to copy them, go for it. Some of you may disagree slightly on some of the woman-answers above.

Or you could straight up ask them what words they think of when they think of you. Then I took some screenshots. What Are You Passionate About?

The Heartographer » Answering profile questions

Why you went into a certain career. Why certain beliefs matter to you. This question is freaking me out. Try essentially answering a totally different question. You should message me if God, this one is awful, because it begs for negativity.

But by answering questions in an atypical fashion, dara dating chanyeol you can help your profile stand out and seem more human compared to the other dating drones. This unpredictability makes your profile more interesting. Our last Mug Shots profile picture happy hour was back in September.

We said earlier that it could take about an hour for you to get through every question, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. Try answering this one in a more prose format, perhaps with a twist.

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That gets old no matter how punchy you aim to make it. You can even dare readers to figure out the six things for themselves, and send their best guess in a message. The main thing is to just be yourself, as corny as that sounds.

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Then, slowly, I start answering each and every question the way she would answer them, not the way I would answer them. Even if you do so creatively. These are the things you should put in this section. However, if you want to request one, you can always drop me a line to suggest a date and see if you can be the catalyst for a new one. As eHarmony recently proved, it likes to continuously make updates and improvements to better serve users.

After all, this is for your love life. If I come across a question that was too gender-specific to do that and applied only to men then I would answer the question in a way her perfect man would answer the question.

Try using voice dictation software, or transcribing a voice recording. So people get sick of glossing over the boring lists. The study also showed women tend to fib about their looks, while men tend to fib about their job and finances. Truly to date and not much else.