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When he takes a holiday, Charles's family keeps him firmly away from the postcard racks. So here we go with a Carruthers card entitled Hampton Court Palace, an oil edition. Carting the Hop Pockets to London Market. On the obverse side of the postcard was the name and address of Mr.

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Hop Garden, Picking the Hops. Their ranges of black-and-white and sepia photograph cards also flourished, particularly as the Royal Mail offered a cheaper postal rate for postcards.

This modest factory in Sevenoaks, Kent, belongs to J Salmon Ltd, the country's oldest surviving postcard seller. With its thriving tourist industry, the West Country is a postcard stronghold.

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Joseph tracked down the year-old artist and obtained his permission to print a calendar of his work entitled Picturesque Villages of England. In fact I found the un-numbered series of these postcards first, finding my last postcard, two years after I had started. Its range has contracted since the golden age, but every tourist destination and major town, even places such as Northampton or Peterborough are still covered. Pictorial cards began to be posted in earnest in the late Victorian era and Joseph's son, also Joseph, started out by printing reproductions of watercolour paintings of Sevenoaks by local artists.

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Charles Salmon draws up a wish-list and regular freelance photographers are dispatched each year with a new mission - to capture a sunset on Ullswater, perhaps, or the river Dart in springtime. While this classic format is still the most popular, postcards have filled out rather since the s. All the postcards in this series were by the artist C.

But this oil is different Dating j salmon postcards While this classic format is still the most popular, postcards have filled out rather since the s. The Salmons are also inundated with unsolicited photographs both professional and amateur, r nicki minaj and drake dating cyn a small fraction of which are bought for a one-off fee and become postcards.

And the Salmons do not envisage the death of the postcard any time soon. Doomsayers may claim that email, camera phones and so on inevitably sound the death knell for the snailmail postcard, but the Salmon family - still at the helm - beg to differ.

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Dating j salmon postcards

Dating j salmon postcards, But this oil is different

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Both types can easily be updated as can be seen from postcards printed in the earlier eras. Unfortunately I have never come across this postcard or any like it. Hop Garden showing Oasthouses in the Distance. We send best wishes to Brian and wish him well in his fight against the illness and treatment he is suffering. Dipping and Carting Hop Poles.

We have had lists of the untitled postcards and know that at least one was overprinted with a birthday greeting. The reverse of the card has print which may be difficult for you to read so I have enlarged the print so you can read it more easily. The postcards were numbered plus a set was printed with no numbers.

Christian Dating Agencies In Uk Dating J Salmon Postcards

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Progger mainly consisted of half a pound of cheese, the top of a cottage loaf and an onion. He was not at all convinced that the initials looked like those on the artists's paintings. Carting the Hops in Pokes to the Oasthouse. But he hopes that his business will continue for a few generations yet. Oasthouse interior Drying and Pocketing Hops.