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However, Chalapathi manages to arrest one of the members of the group that paves way for arresting all the men from the team. Firstly, Pooja Gandhi is the lifesaver of the film.

The leader of the pack admits their brutalities and answers why they always slit throats rather than stabbing or killing in other fashion. Director Srinivasa Raju has tried to bring their barbarous acts on-screen. Nonetheless, the actors in the film amazingly perform in their roles.

This is the opening scene of the Dandupalya and tells straight away that it is not for a lily-livered. When the resident goes in to bring the same, the gang members enter the house. Her entire body language is amazingly excellent and her costume compliment each other. The story of the film is as popular as sayings. The violence is glorified, which is acceptable as it is based on real life incidents, dating dames but a movie should have something more than the bloody acts.

Their backgrounds, why and how they took murderous path and who were behind their acts could have made this film a wonderful product. The other members of the group played by Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Kale, etc.

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His life becomes misery after the two important woman of his life were murdered by the same gang. It seems like Srinivasa Raju has penned the script based on the reports published by crime tabloids rather than completely studying the subject. They attack, gang and them and rob money and valuables. Last but not least, her skin show is a treat for masses.

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For all those, who criticised her for not being a good actress, do watch the film to see the other side of Pooja. However, the director has failed to make it as a watchable affair.