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Ayuba's hi-tech instrumentation and distinct voice changed the face of Fuji Music.

Buggle D by Chief Adewale Ayuba on Spotify

He made Nigerians at home and abroad proud by successfully performing at the World renowned New Orleans Jazz Festival. He recorded a new album, Formula in England while on this tour. His Los Angeles debut consequently recorded a huge success and C.

Ayuba performed in over ten states in America during this tour, rufer lauenburg online dating a feat rarely achieved. It sold beyond expectations and made Ayuba a mega-star artiste. The Album instantly became a success after its release proving Ayuba's mettle as a rave musician who is on top of his trade.

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With the success of Bubble, it become obvious that Ayuba had hit the pinnacle of his career in Nigeria. After the success of Bubble Ayuba released a follow-up album, Mr. If Bubble was tremendous success, Buggle D was a run-way success.

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His father was an amateur singer but reinforced the value of education, making his son agree to focus on his education during the week and allowing him to practice his music on Saturday. In the same year, he toured several European countries including England, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium. By the age of eight, he started singing at Local Musical Competitions and fiestas in Ikenne. His rise on the Fuji Music scene was rapid. For the first time in History, Fuji Music which was hitherto ignored by the Nigerian Elite was embraced by all.

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